In order to help expedite your process, please review this checklist and compile the items listed.

If you have any questions on these things, please contact your New Heights Lending loan officer for assistance.

  • Signed authorization for New Heights Lending, LLC to pull your credit – click here to download the form
  • Most recent thirty (30) days consecutive paystubs for each borrower employed
  • Most recent two (2) years W-2’s for all jobs and any 1099’s for pensions, etc.
  • Most recent two (2) years complete tax returns with all schedules
  • If self employed;  Most recent two (2) years business tax returns with all schedules and K-1’s
  • Most recent two (2) months consecutive bank statements (Please make sure to include all pages to all accounts listed on loan application)
  • If applicable;  divorce decree(s), bankruptcy papers, letter of explanation for any major items that will or could appear on your credit report such as; bankruptcy, foreclosures, collections, charge offs, etc.
  • Clear, legible copy of photo ID for all borrowers
  • If applicable; clear, legible copy of Resident Alien cards, front and back
  • If refinance transaction; copy of mortgage statement, insurance policy and property tax bill.
  • If rental properties are owned; copies of mortgage statements to each property with current lease agreement.  If mortgages are not impounded with taxes and insurance copy of hazard binders and tax bill to each rental property as well.


Please note, this is a standard checklist to help expedite your process. Each situation is unique and additional items may be required upon review of application and these items by both your loan officer, processor and underwriter.