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We highly recommend this company! When previously attempting to refinance, it was such as hassle, we gave up. Lisa was extremely helpful, kind, and honest. New Heights Lending made the process extremely easy, stress free, and FAST! We appreciate how Lisa went out of her way to make the process easier for us and worked hard to find us the right deal.

Thank you!


Fernando and Brooke G.

Veteran in a remote location


Dear Mrs. Weber,

My loan that was just completed was the most difficult one of my entire life. I have bought six houses and sold five of them. This recently completed loan required more effort than th rest of them combined. Three of these purchases and sales were without realtors, so this particular case was not entirely unique. The sellers did not want to pay a realtor, so that work fell onto my shoulders. I could not have completed the process without Robert.


Mine was a VA guaranteed loan, but due to my remote location in New Mexico, the size of my house and the number of acres, lenders balked. I never understood why, but they were hesitant to lend to me – in spite of the VA backing, a VA approved appraisal and my excellent credit rating.


To make a long story shorter, Robert worked with me every day for months. He had to calm my fears and temper my anger and frustration with the potential lenders. But he reassured me that he could find a lender. He did. Without Robert’s calm demeanor and assurances, Iw ould have told the lenders to get lost. I am glad I listened to Robert.

I appreciate Robert’s help and that of New Heights Lending – so much so that I will enthusiastically recommend you to anyone that I know who is looking for a loan. It was a genuine pleasure to work with your company.


Michael M., Torrence, NM

Happy Veteran!

Dear Joan, I would like to say you were extremely personable and took care of all the details when they arrived.  I know dealing with governmental agencies is not easy but you sure made it look that way.  We thank you for your hard work and would definitely recommend you and your company to anyone who is attempting to use their VA benefits to purchase or refinance a home or property.


Mr. & Mrs. Lock

Supportive and Reliable!

New Heights lending is like dealing with your best friend. Very supportive and tells it like it is to you. Fast service! Always there for you during the process and after. Truly could not see using any other service but this one!

– Tracy and Pattye L., Idaho